Malice Book Review!



My boyfriend is one of the few people who has read my soon-to-be published manuscript.  He kindly wrote a review for my novel today.  Here it is:

I recently had the privilege to become one of the few people given the opportunity to read the Malice manuscript.  My short attention span has prevented me from finishing books in the past or to skip sections if I find myself bored during a read.  Malice kept my attention by chronicling the complex layers of Lana Burke’s professional and personal life.  The story shows Lana, the successful journalist, working tirelessly to break a bombshell story that could change the course of American history, all presented through the lens of her romantic relationship with a sociopath named Malden Murphy.

Malice was like experiencing a tasty buffet with so much to choose from making it difficult to put down.  I loved the journalistic political drama softened by the occasional diet of celebrity gossip to the suspense of not knowing where Lana’s tumultuous relationship would end.  I felt like a voyeur – hanging on to the author’s every word describing Lana’s uncharacteristic sex life; revealing Malden’s strange sexual fetishes that almost cost Lana her life.

If it was the author’s intention to demonstrate that evil exists than Malice unequivocally delivers. From corrupt politicians to outrageous coworkers to the people we love, Malice is a sobering lesson that teaches us that there are people in all of our lives that we think we can count on that are capable of exploiting us on unspeakable levels.

~David Hennessey